AMS Board Chairman’s Report

Summer 2018 AMS Chairman’s Report

There was a fantastic response to the call for candidates for the Vice President’s position in the last issue of the magazine. Nominations were closed May 7th. As you know, the AMS is a volunteer organization, and it is very encouraging when members offer their services to help out. I would like to personally thank the four members who stepped up to the line and put their name in the hat!

On May 9th, a teleconference was held with the national officers and myself to discuss an election plan and other issues. Prior to the conference, it was decided that due to the number of candidates, several of the officers would talk to each candidate by telephone after reviewing their resumes. A recommendation will then be submitted to the Board of Directors in the next few months for voting. Other issues discussed were:

  • Expanding the roles of the President and Vice-President to include such things as fundraising, education, member recruitment and retention, chapter support, and encouraging board member participation.
  • Member John O’Brien has volunteered to assist Bob Fontana with some updates and added functionality to the AMS website. Thanks to John for your help!
  • The issue of board member participation was also discussed. Especially with an upcoming officer election, it is important that all board members actively participate in supporting not only their respective chapters, but the national organization as well. The role of Board members is documented in the AMS Bylaws, available on the Web site, from me, or the chapter president. I’ll be working with the Board to improve communication and participation.
  • Another discussion involved support for the magazine. As Editor, Ellen Kisker does an amazing job each quarter producing a beautiful, interesting, and informative publication, but relies heavily on article submissions from the membership. The officers will be working with the BOD to devise a plan to facilitate the process.

Dave Peck, our Membership Officer, has indicated he would like to retire from his position by April 2019. Dave has done an exemplary job managing our membership database, preparing reports and mailing lists, creating the annual membership report, interfacing with the Editor and Board Chairman, and many other tasks. A call for candidates for this position will be announced shortly.

A Pattern Library Committee was also formed recently to explore ways to improve accessibility of the library and devise a maintenance process. Mike Lonergan, Bob Fontana, and I are committee members. If you have comments or suggestions, please let one of us know.

Another teleconference will be scheduled in the next few months to continue our discussions.

In February, we had 4 new members join, 5 in March, and 6 in April.

As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know!!

Jim Davis, AMS Chairman of the Board