June 2014 Newsletter

14 June 2014

Dear Fellow Marquetarians,

Our May meeting was held at Al Spicer’s workshop where we got to see and try the French Chevalet that he made from plans he made from pictures in the book Marquetry by Pierre Ramond.  What a treat!  This saw was first used in 1718, which was ahead of the Industrial Revolution and was the first machine that allowed mass production of marquetry.  Its secrets were closely guarded and only a few families had access to it.  I hope Al will allow us to visit again in the future.  Al also gave us a tour of his shop, and I think all of us got some good ideas on how to arrange things in our own shops.

We had 18 members and guests present, and a good time was had by all.

It was reported that our website, carolinamarquetry.com has new articles.  Bob and Fay Choban are taking care of this for us, and they would like information from each of us to post on the site.  We should send information about ourselves, whether we teach or sell marquetry; if we sell at shows, a show schedule; and some pictures of our work.

We will be manning a booth at the Klingspoor Woodworking Show in Hickory on October 17 and 18.  We will need help manning the booth.  Anyone who is able to help out is asked to contact Bonnie Richardson at urabus2000@aol.com.  She can give you more details on what is needed.

The possibility of a Club T-shirt was discussed, and Beth Woody will bring details to our next meeting.  She will also have an update on getting the veneer covered MDF — if you have not already let her know you would like to have some, please get in touch with her at ejwoody@centurylink.net.

We decided on a new club project — we are to make our own nametags and wear them to each meeting.  They can be any shape or design, just as long as our names (first and last or just first is fine) are on them.  Pin backs and glue will be provided at the next meeting in case anyone does not have easy access to them.  Let’s all do this and let our creativity shine!

The schedule of meetings for the rest of the year is:  July 19 at Herzog Veneer; September 13 at Sauers Veneer; November 1 at Klingspoor  in Hickory.  All meetings will get underway at 10 am with refreshments and directions will be sent prior to each meeting.  At present, no program has been set up for our meeting at Herzog, but Bonnie will let us know in a later e-mail if one will be presented, as we want to allow plenty of time for shopping!  Speaking of that, if anyone has any special requests or needs for specific veneer, please let me know ASAP so I can let Sam and Sabrina know we are looking for that and if they have it, they will definitely put it out for us.

Directions to Herzog Veneers:
From the East (Raleigh/Durham): From I-85 South, take the Left fork of I-85 South (the new I-85) towards Charlotte (approx. 14.3 mi). Take exit #118 onto I-85 BL (business/old I-85) South toward High Point (approx. 8.7 mi). Take W Green Drive exit and Turn Left off the exit. Go 0.1 mi and Turn Right on W. Fairfield Road. Turn Right on Mendenhall Road and go 0.1 mi. Bear Right on Dunmore Court. Herzog is on the Right.
From the West (Asheville): Take I-40 East to Greensboro. Near the airport, take NC 68 South (go 4.5 mi). NC 68 becomes Eastchester Drive. Go 3.7 mi. Turn Left on US 311 South and go 5.6 mi. US 311 South becomes I-85 BL (business/old) South. Take W Green Drive exit and turn Left off of exit. Go 0.1 mi and Turn Right on W. Fairfield Road. Turn Right on Mendenhall Road and go 0.1 mi. Bear Right on Dunmore Court. Herzog is on the Right.
From the South (Charlotte): Take I-85 North. Take Exit #87 onto I-85 BL (business/old) North. Go 21.7 mi. Take W Green Drive exit. Turn Right off of exit. Go 0.1 mi and Turn Left on W. Fairfield Road. Turn Right on Mendenhall Road and go 0.1 mi. Bear Right on Dunmore Court. Herzog is on the Right.
From all directions, you should be able to see the Herzog Veneers sign from Fairfield Road. Their physical address is 2100 Dunmore Court, High Point, NC and their telephone number is 336-434-4053.


Remember, make a name tag for this meeting and let’s have a great turn-out for it!  See you then!

Until then, happy cutting!





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